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Reflecting on the past to glimpse at the future


With such a strong focus on the future,  one often neglects reflecting on the past to gain insights on what actually transpired and how it could impact the next destination.


As we move into the very end of the year and start taking stock, I have taken some time to reflect on what went down the past year and how the business has grown and developed. The one thing that stood out for me was the incredible technologies we were able to build in such a short time, not only for ourselves but also thanks to the clients that have trusted us to build world class tech solutions for their companies.

Across various projects over the past year, we have built some tech that really stands out above the average features we build into most projects:

Industry leading repetitive learning algorithm

Working with one of the tech start-ups in our group, we developed an algorithm that will change the face of digital learning as we know it. The tech determines the learner’s knowledge on a topic prior to learning the content, then delivers the content and retest the knowledge so that it can create a unique learning path tailored to the knowledge level of the learner in order to grow their knowledge from their current level up to 100%.

This tech provides corporates around the world with the ability to measure knowledge and the development of knowledge and key skills across their organisations.



Secure File Storage

We entered the world of cyber security and developed a world class secure file management and team collaboration platform that not only protects a business from cyber threats, but provides a holistic set of collaboration tools for business teams to work more efficiently. This tech is encrypted with industry leading technology and methodologies and has taken our experience in user authentication to new heights.


Office 365 Integration

As part of the above cloud file management solution we integrated with Microsoft’s Office365 that enables users to edit all office file types from within the platform. This development is one of our greatest milestones to date and we suspect that we could be the only development team in Africa to have ever done this integration.





Text, Audio and Video Messaging System

Something we are incredibly excited about, is our messaging tech that supports text messaging, audio calling and video calling. This tech can be integrated into any project and customised for the unique requirements of any business, whether for social  or admin related use.







Map Location Tracking & Navigation

We are in the middle of developing state of the art navigational and logistics management  software for the transport industry world-wide. This tech comes in two parts – one is the onboard computer inside the truck that navigates drivers to locations and is used for the handling of important logistics documentation as well as providing vehicle diagnostics to the cloud management dashboard operated by the head office which is the second part of the tech.



Integration with XERO to build financial dashboards

We have wrapped up two projects that integrates with XERO to receive and write data into and from XERO in order to produce financial dashboards and editing capabilities in the client’s application.


With a geared up engineering team we are really stoked about 2019 and the projects that lie ahead. As usual we are aiming to push the boundaries of possibilities and will never settle for anything less than extraordinary. I believe we are well positioned to produce some of the best tech development work on the continent and strongly compete on the global stage with projects from all around the world.


written by Carl Wallace | founder CEO of Digital HQ
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Carl Wallace